Memebox review – Christmas Collection #1 Stress Free Holidays!

christmas 6I was pleased to be able to purchase this box recently even though it is well after Christmas. I had already seem an unboxing video of the box and there were a couple of items I has keen to try out so this was the perfect opportunity to try them.

Amazingly when I added up the rrp of all items if purchased separately it came to $102 which I didn’t expect as the first 3 products didn’t even total $40.

First impression when I got the box, I liked the nice touch they added to the info card, not the candy striping on it but the card has a shimmer to it. Anyway more importantly the products that came in the box are as follows:

christmas 5 1) Recipe by Nature Ice cream Swing Gloss – Berry Lovely 6g RRP $6
I liked the nice little box it came in and whilst the ice cream cone is a cute touch for the younger generation, as a 30-something mum of 2 I can’t help but feel this should really belong to my 5 year old daughter. None the less I tried it and whilst I am not sure what flavour it is meant to me I assume strawberry ice cream. It’s quite nice and feels moisturising without being too sticky so that’s the main thing in my books.

christmas 4

2) Angel’s Black Head Eraser Coconut 97% 100g RRP $12

Essentially it’s coconut soap and you could use anywhere on your body BUT this bar had been made with the intention to assist in ‘treating’ acne. To be a fair judge on the product I’d need to use it long-term to see if it works or not but initially I found it quite gentle on my face and smells very natural which is what I like in skin care products.


3) Dipodeur Dress Perfume 150ml RRP $19 There was a random selection from 6 different scents, I received Iris & Whitebouquet.

I absolutely love the fragrance of this one. It’s not overpowering and gives your clothes a lasting perfumey scent which is nice when you need a freshen up. It doesn’t stay around overly long so you do need to keep reapplying every so ofter.

I absolutely would buy this again. I would really like to try some of the other fragrances they have.

christmas 2

4) DD’ell Moisture Facial Mask – Gold Kiwi 23g RRP $7What appealed to me about this mask was the claims of it containing mineral rich ocean water which to me sounds divine! I really liked the rehydrating feeling this mask gave me afterwards. Look past the not so exciting packaging as this mask is quality!

christmas 1
5) Neogen Neoday Dont Cry armpits Deodorant stick 15g RRP $17

So, I get this product has a crappy name but I am not sure why so many people who got this wont try it and have been selling them. This deodorant stick is great! I havent seen a deodorant balm or stick in a long time and I really like them. This smells  really refreshing and I love it! This is brilliant for my work place as sprays are restricted so instead of a roll on I can use this. YAY!

christmas 7
6) Shara Shara Gold Label Repescargo Cream 50ml $41

I was nearly not going to try this as I have a real dislike to mucin products however the beautiful packaging and had me wanting to try it so I did and I am really glad that I did. It has a lovely unisex scent so great for the guys and gals and I found you only need a little as it goes a long way and is very moisturising.

Every box I like to pick an item that’s my favourite and least favourite however this time  around I don’t really have a least favourite. I thought the were all great products and 3 or 4 will be regular purchases from now on.

Thanks Memebox for restocking this one after Christmas, glad I got a chance to grab on!

By for now!



Memebox Unboxing/Review – Special #54 Miracle Masks

miracle masks 8

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this box as I have been eyeing off two products I wanted even though there are 3 items I knew before I purchased it that I would not use.

This little collection is described by Memebox as the following:
“Take your pick from this box of specially curated mega masks that do everything – hydrate, detoxify, refine, brighten (and the list goes on and on!) But most importantly, these miracle masks transform your not-so-great-looking skin into luminous, plump, and miraculously soft skin! Seriously, these masks made our skin look so freaking dewy and gorgeous, we had to make this Miracle Masks Box!

Kick off the fall season with a great new box full of miraculous masks, and let it performs its magic.” The total RRP if purchased seperately of these 7 products is $100 US.

When I first opened the box I was bitterly disappointed as I had heard from others the  Purederm eye pads had leaked and yes, you guessed it, mine had leaked quite significantly too. so much so there is barely any essense left in the tub. But here goes!

This is what I got:
miracle masks 31) Purederm Cucumber Eye pads 24 pack, RRP$12
This is one of the items I was keen to receive and really disappointed they arent as moist as they should be.

Im hoping they will still be ok.
They come with their own little tweezers and I love the cucmber design.

miracle masks 5
2) LadyKin Vanpir Dark Repairing Water Mask 50ml rrp$46
I will have to do my research on this one before I try it as it contains Dragon’s blood which is a plant/fruit ingredient but I think I may be sensitive to it so I haven’t samples this just yet however  I hope it is ok to try as it contains one of my favourite ingredients, GREEN TEA!. It’s a sleeping pack with an great name. I haven’t been a fan of LadyKin cosmetics so I am hoping the skin care is of a better quality.

miracle masks 6

3) DDung Vitamin Wash-off pack 120ml RRP$12
Neither the brand name nor the packaging compell me to want to try this product.

If this were on a store shelf I can gaurantee I would overlook it. It does contain Macadamia seed oil which is a plus as I love Macadamia oil but for me that’s about it. Sorry DDung, not the product for me.
I feel just as sad as the picture on the package trying this.miracle masks 4

4) Mise En Scene Perfect  Repair Treatment Pack 180ml RRP $16

This was my other ‘Gotta have’ item. I have heard great things about this one and so very keen to try. It smells like a salon quality product and is a thick orange hair treatment. It ticks so many boxes for me particularly on the ingrediants list. The info card tells me it has all my favourite oils and they are Argan, camellia, olive, jojoba, coconut apricot and one I am not familiar with, Marula.

miracle masks 7

5-7) The snail masks
To Be Nang hydro gel  masks with a total RRP of $14. I hate snail products so these ones simply wont get a look in in my beauty regime. On the plus side the packaging is gorgeous and very luxurious looking.

Even though there are a few items I wont /cant use and the eye pads leaked, I am pleased again with Memebox’s box. The price I paid of approximately $23 US plus postage is definetly still value for money.

You probably worked out my favs are the eye pads and the hair treatment and my least favs are the DDung cleaners and snail masks.

I think I am in LOVE with Memebox

I’m definetly a subscription box addict, there is no denying that. The excitment of opening a regular beauty package to see whats inside! I’d been hearing alot of late of an alternative, Memebox! Memebox is a dedicated to Korean Beauty products. From regular makeup items to the weird and wonderful world of Snail creams and products containing bee venom, there is something for everyone.

Instead of signing up to a monthly subscription, Memebox offer ‘boxes’. Each specially themed box comes with 4 – 8 full-sized products and deluxe samples. New boxes I am told are released on a regular occasion (at least 3 in the last 10 days) and they sell like hot cakes! So before I made a purchase of a full box I decided to make a purchase of a couple of individual items, one being Mizon’s Olive Cocoa Butter foot cream.

$_12A cream to help remove dry, dead skin cells and and moisture to tired feet.
I fell in love instantly! The quality is unbelieveable and it started to work straight away! With a moresome citrus scent, I am instantly sold and I couldn’t wait to place a ‘box’ order with Memebox.

You choose what and when you order!
I’ve placed an order for 4 boxes and can’t wait for their arrival.

For my unruley brows I’ve selected the’All about brows’ box
For the CutiePieMarzia fan in me I’ve selected the ‘CutiePieMarzia 2’ box
For my locks of hair I couldn’t go past Memebox special #68 Hair Salon
& Last but not least, I’ve ordered the newest release of the
‘Christmas Collection #4 K-Beauty Wrap-up No.2’

I have selected 2 different postage methods to see if its worth the extra dollars for Express postage.

I can’t wait to share with you the contents of the Memeboxes when they arrive.

Keen to check out what you can order?


Has Tiger Claw nailed it?

Subscription boxes, ever wondered if they are worth the $$ ? Over the past year I have been a subscriber to Bella Box who offer a range of skin care, body products, make up, nail and hair care however I was getting bored and I come across a post for Tiger Claw. Tiger Claw are a pretty new subcription box company in Australia and for $19.95 ever 2 months you get sent a box containing  2 enamels (1 base coat, 1 feature coat) some sort of nail art, an organe stick and emery board plus an ideas/instruction sheet. I was pretty keen to try it after watching some of the unboxing movies on youtube. Unlike other Sub boxes, all subscribers get the same each shipment. Boxes were sent out on November 4th (apparently) mine only arrived today. 2 weeks to get here = Problem number 1. Tiger Claw released a pic last week on their Facebook page of what the content this month around was meaing no surprise which is half the fun of subcription boxes = Problem number 2. I did complain and they have said they’ll sned me something extra, so that kinda makes up for the disappointment. When I have a look at the contents and think about the value, I’m thinking there is a big difference in value. I stalk the net looking for nail art and know alot of this you can buy from China for minimal. Value of this box to me thus far is around $5 plus postage. Nail to Toe I have seen sell for $1 or $2 at most, the nail art and emery board plus orange stick is negligable however the G Gal nail enamel, a brand I have never heard of has a rrp of $11.95. At this point in time I am unsure if it’s really worth the $19.95 however I will give it a bit of a test tomorrow and decide. Stay tunes to see if they have nailed it.

A new beginning!

For those of you who know me personally and for the benefit of those who don’t, recently I decided I would no longer make and sell candles as I have done for around 4 years. The reason? Time for a change. I’ve been talking to some of my lovelies about their hobbies, what they do and I’ve been mulling over what can I do for something that is different? Well the answer was, what I enjoy most. Trying new things, looking for bargains and tell people what I really think 😛 so The Beauty Beanery was born. I have a passion for nature, keeping things as chemical free and natual as possible. I’m a HUGE believer in animal rights and utilising the world around us to help the environment as well as cost effective ways of living. The purpose of this blog is to try and find samples ( Freebies) for everyone, new products and service that I try ( products and services of any kind really) and tell you my honest uncensored, candid thoughts of the experience and also share with you my cost cutting or enviro friendly tips. I’m not going to change the world, but I thinkthere are better ways to do some things and we can all easily give it a shot.

Check out my new Facebook page which will have snippets of the blog plus other bits and pieces.